A great start to a great year!

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The last two weeks have been very hectic, to say the least! I flew in for a day to London to do in total 4 meetings/castings. Two days later I flew in to Münich for a make up campaign. When I came home I organised a campaign shoot with my two good friends Jenny Hildrin and Andreas Lindbäck. Photos out very soon! I had about two days to rest, if even, before I flew out to Alcudia, Mallorca, to do an editorial for German GRAZIA. So excited! First editorial of the year 😀 Both these German jobs were booked via my new agency in Hamburg/Münich: MD management. 

Then.. I flew straight from Mallorca to Stockholm to attend the premiere of Long Way Home, the comedy web series I acted in last fall before I went on-stay in Miami. I think the premiere went very well, I had so much fun with the cast members who were there, and of course the crew members! Absolutely wonderful people! Let’s hope for a season 2!!!! My agent Inez, from M+P artist management, actually flew in to come with me to the event. Such funs!

Needless to say I’ve been exhausted this week. I picked up the ukelele I got from my husband for Christmas, and started to learn some chords. Not as easy as it looks 😀

Today I had a lovely “fika” with my friend Marcus Tegler, who is a director I’ve worked with plenty of times. We discussed some future ventures. Looking forward!

I also got the news I got a lead in a shortfilm I am VERY excited about. My biggest part as of yet, and it’s in English and story is very cool.  It has been a very good two weeks. 

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