Blog or no blog?

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Hello blog.

It’s been more than 6 months since Iast posted anything, and the reason is simply that I didn’t have enough time. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have a lot of spare time all of a sudden, but I am however back on-stay and there is no tv… So yes, I do have a bit more time on my hands.

Since I wrote last I have done quite a few things.

I attended a 3 week acting course at Guildhall. I was accepted to both Lamda’s and Guildhall’s summer programs that were focused on Shakespearian theatre, and chose the latter. Upon finishing I felt a sense of relief, as I never ever have to go back. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But mostly the worst. I had just had surgery in my mouth, and it started bleeding and swelled up like a balloon – during a class where we had to enunciate like preschooler’s. I did not fare well that day and the amounts of painkillers I had to take the rest of the week was immense. And from there my body just experimented with various levels of hellish discomfort. For a couple of days I would go spit blood in the recesses and lie down in a corner, hoping not to be bothered.

But I came out stronger in the end! I realised I already possess a lot of knowledge and skills that I for some reason have not been applying to my work. Possibly because I have led myself to believe I am not good enough to even try these techniques or methods, as I have not attended a three year program. This is a “truth” I have been fed by people around me, and I have since finishing the course been more focused on trying methods to see what works and what doesn’t, stepping out of my comfort zone.


At the end of summer I started instagramming. I had postponed it until the very last minute, I really didn’t want to begin. I imagined it would take up all my time and that it would become more and more time consuming. And I was right, of course. Instagram is wonderful because you can choose what pictures you want your followers to see. Unfortunately, it has also become some kind of measurement of success, clients may look for models with followers instead of models with an inspiring portfolio. Which is sad, but I am trying to keep up with the times. I do like following weird cats though, I follow quite a few accounts that just post pictures of the housepet.

I acted in 2 different feature films, both of which are up on Imdb already but it will take many months before they are out. The first one is called “Bitch”, and it is filmed from the POV of a stray dog who travels from the streets of India to Landskrona, a Swedish city going through changes.

The second film, Sensoria, is a horror film set in Malmö.

In October I signed with Lind models in Gothenburg, and have travelled there a couple of times since then on direct bookings.

I also travelled back to London, to do 5 weeks on-stay. Not very much happened except me acting in a Bryan Ferry music video. The shoot was long and it was hard work, but we had a great time. I think it looks amazing, have a looksie:

Luckily, I had a made some contacts during my previous stint during the Guildhall course, and ended up acting in three different short films. They are very different from each other and my previous films, so I am super excited to see them in the near future.

I am not sure exactly what to do with the blog in the future. I look at old posts and have a giggle, I obviously wrote only for myself 😀 Right now I am back in Miami, doing castings and auditioning, getting ready to go LA in about 2 weeks. So far, 2015 has been a year of getting rid of things, people and habits that drag me down. Looking forward, and believing in the future.